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Spiral Curl Closure

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14" only. Steam textured virgin hair from India. Closure provides undetectable, freestyle parted area - you choose where you’d like the part to be. Dimensions: 5” wide and 7” deep including the extra lace. 5” wide and 5.5” deep without the extra lace. Our swiss lace base provides maximum coverage and maximum protection.

Indique's steam textured Spiral Curl Closure was created to blend with Bounce Coil Curl and Sea Fiji Curl. Enhance your extension experience with a totally undetectable parted area. Part your hair anyway you choose with ease and confidence.

  • Bleached knots for undetectable hairline 
  • Baby hairs for a completely natural look 
  • RSD Single Drawn hair: hair looks naturally tapered at the ends 
  • 100% density 
  • Reinforced edges with Polyurethane to minimize any tearing 
  • Holes in the edges to sew through
  • Steam textured virgin hair from India
  • Blends well with Bounce Coil Curl and SEA Fiji Curl