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Spiral Curl Frontal

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14" only. Natural hair from South East Asia. Steam textured to blend with BOUNCE Coil Curl and SEA Fiji Curl. Our Frontal provides an undetectable parted area and hairline area.

Indique’s Spiral Curl Frontal blends with your hair effortlessly and finishes off your style with a totally undetectable parted area and hairline area. Part your hair anyway you choose with ease and confidence. Show off a beautiful style while giving your damaged and fragile natural hair a rest or just wear it for its flawless look and easy styling.

  • Dimensions of lace area: approx. 13.5" x 6".
  • Dimensions of ventilated area: approx. 12" x 4".

PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions are measured at their widest and deepest areas.